Please find my credits listed below.

Year Show As Notes
2017 OUT! John McEnroe, painter NFTS
2017 Victim and Oppressor Director Sorprendimi
2017 Degenerates Drew Sculley Cineglobe
2017 Grave Men Jimmy Trueman enaFILM
2017 The Night Of... Mr Adams Olibec Productions
2017 Billie the Homeless Dies at the End Gruffalo / Retching Santa Holy Mountain
2017 Death in the Family PC Neely Met Film Productions
2017 Love and Lust According to Meisner Patrick Jonas Grimas Productions
2017 Vest The Policeman Vest Productions
2017 TUC John Hamlett Films
2016 I LOOOOVE COFFEE Man Dooby Films
2016 CAMHS Brian Fyrian Films
2016 3 Sinks. Philip and Ruth Philip
2016 Stardust Dudley La Paz films
2016 Rooms by the Sea Paul JLi Isle of Wight
2016 Vodafone TV Gordon Global Fire Productions
2016 Cherry Popping Man Cherry Popping Pictures
2016 The Last Will and Testament of Humphrey Taggart Humphrey Taggart Louis Collenette Productions
2016 The Lost Palace James I Uninvited Guests
2016 TNC Today I Saved 1000 Lives Patient Tour n'Cure
2016 Ignoble Night Posthumus Jonas Grimas Produtions
2016 Warrior Ben NFTS
2016 We Still Steal the Old Way Doctor McDonald Richwater Films
2016 Curtain Call Gordon Walker DAM Productions
2015 Manoman Glenn/Manny NFTS
2015 The Interview Richard Cockburn The Director's Cut Theatre Company
2015 Absolution Reverend Barry Met Film School
2015 Trash Martin Unknown productions
2015 One More Thing LD NFTS
2015 Life is Grimm Michelle/Michael Jackson METGo Web series
2015 With You always Alex Mark-Ralph Bowman
2014 Mr Lassiter, British Ambassador George Lassiter METGo Web Series
2014 Oblivion Albert Kim Kreative
2014 Scorpion Terry NFTS
2014 Love Online Barry Steven Cutts Productions Ltd
2014 Ventriliquism Graham McAllister Christianity 2.0
2014 Maerskoll Union Rep. Myriad Global Media
2014 MLE Theatrical Agent Dream Coat Productions
2014 Sainsburys Shopper Purple Patch Media
2014 Well Connected Therapist NFTS
2014 Hollow Crown George Hollow Crown Productions
2014 Silent Witness XVII Bob Scott BBC
2014 Narcopolis Seedy John TSquared Films
2014 Detectives & Bourgainvillea Kenny & Raul Openscript
2013 i benchmark Care-worker Lee Yoodoo
2013 Blood and Coffee Frank P.AY. Productions
2013 Welcome to the Highlands Donald Soho Theatre / Ugly Sister Productions
2013 Hope Jeff Amos MD Productions
2013 Weetabix Boss Bartle Bogle Hegarty Ltd
2012 The Pains of Youth Walter Entente Cordiale Productions
2012 Queen of the Highway Joey Do Not Disturb - METWorks
2012 Fanfare Peter NFTS
2012 Fostering Foster parent Lucy Parker
2012 Cable and Wireless IT customer Purple Patch events
2012 Leyman's curse Patrolman Us3 Productions
2012 Kwes / Bashful Businessman Valve Multimedia
2012 Home Vaughan Dan Gage Films
2012 Appy Birfday Gary MC Productions
2012 Memory Seth P.AY. Film
2012 Stand-off Improviser Met Works
2011 Quit with Help Ex-smoker Toast TV
2011 Hotel Taliban Sean's Dad The Garden Productions / BBC4
2011 The End Man Alcantara Films
2011 The Death of Love Inc. Director Sausage Productions / ESBI Films
2011 Rose John Simmonds Ghost Class Productions
2011 Looking for Jacob Bernie Met Film
2011 BP Josh Picture Power Media
2011 The Blue Brothers Priest MartinKentishFilms
2011 Unison Motorcycle courier Leap Films ltd
2010 The Collected Works of Billy the Kid Billy the Kid Olibec Productions
2010 The Blacklisted John Thompson FFilms
2010 Frequencies Panel member Britpack Films
2010 Mr Perky Mr Perky NMG Films
2010 Morrison's Staff member Park Village
2010 Check in George Teeter Grumpy Pint productions
2010 - web series Barry McBrian Met Film School
2010 MA Creative Writing Various City University
2010 McDonalds Favourites-World Cup Football fan Leo Burnett Limited
2010 multi-camera Various Met Film School
2009 A Man in Search of a Story Lead TAG Films
2009 Jonathan (Lead) Independent Interactive
2009 Oko The Son (Lead) Olibec Productions
2009 Greetings Tortured man
2008 Animal Farm Napoleon Tour de force
2008 Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food Road-worker Channel 4
2007 Augustus Lullaby Augustus Lullaby IPJ Productions
2006 Rough Island Story Dougie brothers Hothouse Productions
2006 Alma Pater Andy City Shorts
2006 Burger King Security Guard Hungry Man Productions
2005 Govertment Health Dept Pregnant Man Barkers UK
2005 Rough Island Story Dougie brothers Hothouse Productions
2005 Tonight We fly Father & Rabbi Trestle Theatre Company
2004 Bad Girls Stuart Paddle Shed Productions
2004 Urban Gothic Lennox Channel 5
2003 Adventures of the Stoneheads Stonehead Trestle Theatre Company
2003 Timewatching Frank Soho Theatre
2001 Always & Everyone Gary Lister Granada
2000 Taggart Laurie Henderson Scottish Television
2000 Always & Everyone Gary Lister Granada
1998 Reckless II Photographer Granada
1997 The Collected Works of Billy the Kid Billy the Kid Olibec Productions
1997 Cold Feet Martin Granada
1996 The Suitcase Doctor Samuels Pierporski Productions